Zoey Foxx

Everything You Want to Know About Zoey Foxx

Height:         5’3″ (160 cm)
Weight:        108 lbs (49 kg)
Birthday:     May 1, 1993 (Taurus)
Birthplace:  Humbolt, CA
Ethnicity:     Latin/Caucasian
Tattoos:        Solid five-point star under left breast


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Interviewer: Who are you?

Zoey Foxx: My name is Zoey Foxx.

Interviewer: Zoey Foxx?

Zoey Foxx: Yes.

Interviewer: Tell me how you got the name Zoey Foxx.

Zoey Foxx: hhmmmmm It’s a very long story. (giggles)

Interviewer: Can you make it short?

Zoey Foxx: hm Someone that I used to know when I was younger. That meant a lot. That was like my family to me.

Interviewer: Yeah?

Zoey Foxx: Yeah.

Interviewer: Gave you the name Zoey Foxx?

Zoey Foxx: No they didn’t give me the name, but it was my last name Foxx.

Interviewer: Foxx comes from the people you were friendly with?

Zoey Foxx: Yes.

Interviewer: Where does Zoey come from?

Zoey Foxx: It was just something that my cousins were kinda like you look like a Zoey. Because at the time I had blonde hair and they were like oh you’re bubbly and Zoey seems like a good name for you. So I was like okay. That works.

Interviewer: So the turned Zoey Foxx. So they know what you do for a living right now?

Zoey Foxx: Um, a few of my cousins do and that’s it.

Interviewer: What, what did they tell you? When you told them “hey cousin I’m gonna be an adult actress?”

Zoey Foxx: *laughs* Um, my one cousin was like “what?” Like freaked out a little bit. But he thought it was funny. And he’s like, “what.” Like he was confused.

Interviewer: Right.

Zoey Foxx: Yeah.

Interviewer: And then the other cousin?

Zoey Foxx: Um, he was like, “good for you.” *laughs*

Interviewer: So you had some support?

Zoey Foxx: Yeah, I did.

Interviewer: What and the cousin that got freaked out a little bit did he like try to persuade you from doing it?

Zoey Foxx: No he didn’t he was just kinda like ok do what you want. He was like, “I hate you, you make a lot of money.” But that was it.

Interviewer: So he didn’t hate you for doing like dirty things on camera he hates you for making a lot of money.

Zoey Foxx: No, no.

Interviewer: And of course he doesn’t really hate you.

Zoey Foxx: Plus he has never done dirty things to anybody.

Interviewer: He’s never done dirty things to anyone?

Zoey Foxx: Yeah so I hope he doesn’t watch this because he is going to get mad at me.

Interviewer: Why would he get mad at you?

Zoey Foxx: Because he is a virgin.

Interviewer: He’s a virgin. How old is he?

Zoey Foxx: Ah, 21.

Interviewer: How do you know he’s a virgin?

Zoey Foxx: ‘Cause he’s told me.

Interviewer: Really?

Zoey Foxx: Mhmm

1:39 Interviewer: When did you lose your virginity?

Zoey Foxx: I was, how old was I? I think I was 17.

Interviewer: You were 17?

Zoey Foxx: Yes.

Interviewer: And how old are you now?

Zoey Foxx: I’m 19.

Interviewer: So were not that much of a slut growing up?

Zoey Foxx: No not really.

Interviewer: Did you do sluty things ever?

Zoey Foxx: Yeah when I was 15 I had, I gave my first blow job. And then my dad found out. *laughs*

Interviewer: How did you dad find out?

Zoey Foxx: Someone told him. I don’t know how it happened but it happened.

Interviewer: Why would someone tell your dad like Zoey is giving blow jobs?

Zoey Foxx: *laughs* Yeah I know.

Interviewer: Who did you blow?

Zoey Foxx: Um, this kid that I used to go to church with. *laughs*

Interviewer: Really?

Zoey Foxx: Yes

Interviewer: So you go to, you blow the kid, and then all of a sudden dad, does dad find out and have a talk with you?

Zoey Foxx: Uh, yeah he took it pretty well. I would, I would of already been in trouble for other things anyways so it’s not like he could punish me. So it’s like ok this is awkward.

Interviewer: Where you a handful growing up?

Zoey Foxx: Um, I probably was I was a little trouble maker but I, I loved adventures like I would run around, you know, “oh lets go in the forest.” And stuff like that I was more on the adventure side than sexual side when I was little.

Interviewer: Like tom boyish kinda? Maybe?

Zoey Foxx: Almost, except a tom boy in pink.

Interviewer: Where did you grow up?

Zoey Foxx: Kumbolt

Interviewer: Kumbolt!?

Zoey Foxx: Mhmm


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Interviewer: What did you dad do in Kumbolt?

Zoey Foxx: Um, actually my dad lives in LA county now.

Interviewer: Yeah but was he living up there in Kumbolt with you?

Zoey Foxx: No he wasn’t.

Interviewer: Who were you living in Kumbolt with?

Zoey Foxx: Um, my grandma.

Interviewer: And what was grandma doing in Kumbolt?

Zoey Foxx: *laughs* She ,um, she was born in Kumbolt.

Interviewer: You were?

Zoey Foxx: Yes.

Interviewer: Kumbolt is known for one thing?

Zoey Foxx: Weed.

Interviewer: Yeah.

Zoey Foxx: I know I get asked that all the time.

Interviewer: I know, that’s what I’m getting at now.

Zoey Foxx: Yes.

Interviewer: So who was in the marijuana business in your family?

Zoey Foxx: mmm, my mom. *laughs*

Interviewer: Your mom was?

Zoey Foxx: Yeah.

Interviewer: She’s a grower?

Zoey Foxx: Um, she used to be.

Interviewer: It’s, It’s legal now. I guess if you got a card you can do this kind of stuff in the state of California.

Zoey Foxx: Yeah, it’s crazy.

Interviewer: Are you a weed smoker.

Zoey Foxx: Not really. I, I have smoked weed every now and then and everyone is like, “that’s crazy you’re from Humbolt.” You know. But I don’t, I don’t see the need for it. Honestly it makes me really slow and it makes me feel I lost half my brain cells. *laughs* And I need those.

Interviewer: Do you party?

Zoey Foxx: Every now and then I usually go to, um, this bar where I live even though I am not old enough but I can still go, you can go and play pool and hang out and I do that.

Interviewer: And sneak a drink?

Zoey Foxx: Maybe. *laughs* Yes.

Interviewer: What you just said peaked my interest, you, there’s church in your life, you blow a church boy, so you went to church, did you go to church a lot when you were a kid?

Zoey Foxx: Mhmm, yes. I did I went to awana, sparkies and clubies or whatever it was called.

Interviewer: I don’t know what was it called? What church did you belong to?

Zoey Foxx: Um I was part of a lot of churches.

Interviewer: What was it like a Catholic church, was it a Christian church?

Zoey Foxx: Christian.

Interviewer: Christian non-denominational kind of thing?

Zoey Foxx: Yeah.

Interviewer: Did you go more than once a week.

Zoey Foxx: Yes. *laughs*

Interviewer: More than two times a week?

Zoey Foxx: Sometimes.

Interviewer: And was your dad part of the church?

Zoey Foxx: Yes.

Interviewer: In what way?

Zoey Foxx: Um, he was the youth pastor, yeah one of them.

Interviewer: He was the youth pastor. Now does dad know what you’re doing now?

Zoey Foxx: No.

Interviewer: Would he flip his gourd?

Zoey Foxx: Um, I haven’t live with my parents in a very long time. So I, they would probably not like it obviously.

Interviewer: Well now, you say a very long time but your only 19. How long has it been since you have not live with your parents?

Zoey Foxx: Um, I was 16.

Interviewer: So for 3 years you’ve been living.

Zoey Foxx: Yeah

Interviewer: Why did you get kicked, what did you get kicked out? You just move out?

Zoey Foxx: Um, that’s a lot of stuff to go over.

Interviewer: Give me the nut shell.

Zoey Foxx: hmmm okay, um.

Interviewer: You were a big handful weren’t cha.

Zoey Foxx: Um, I was but not as much as they lead on. *laughs*

Interviewer: What do you mean?

Zoey Foxx: I just wanted to be a normal teenager and I was locked in my room and I taught myself how to play the guitar though. That was a benefit and I graduated high school when I was 16.

Interviewer: Who locked you in your room?

Zoey Foxx: Um, well, I really didn’t get locked, locked physically in there but I didn’t have friends so I had to stay in my room. *laughs*

Interviewer: Why did you not have friends?

Zoey Foxx: I wasn’t allowed to go out.

5:29 Interviewer: I weren’t you allowed to go out?

Zoey Foxx: I don’t know. *laughs* I just didn’t ask. I wasn’t allowed to.

Interviewer: What do you mean you weren’t allowed to go out?

Zoey Foxx: Yeah, well I can hang out with friends like a few times a month but that was it.

Interviewer: So you, so at 16 you said “F” this?

Zoey Foxx: Actually I didn’t cuss when I was 16.

Interviewer: That’s right, I said “F” this.

Zoey Foxx: Yeah *laughs* Yeah I was, um, it was more about I started staying with my grandma every weekend.

Interviewer: Right.

Zoey Foxx: And, um, they were like, they were really saying anything. And after 8 months they decided to call the cops after I was gone for 8 months almost a year. And then they were all like, “Oh, I think we should, we should do something about this now.”


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Interviewer: Now you’re, they’re calling the cops on you for what reason? You’re a run away?

Zoey Foxx: Because I was under age. And they probably wanted me to come back.

Interviewer: Where were you at?

Zoey Foxx: But, um.

Interviewer: Where you at Grandma’s?

Zoey Foxx: I was at Grandma’s. And then I was at. . .

Interviewer: You were at some other places too weren’t you?

Zoey Foxx: Yes. *laughs* And then I was actually adopted. So I was with my adopted parents. So then I went to go see my real mom.

Interviewer: What what what what what hold on. You’re legally adopted? Or you just decided, I’m gonna go.

Zoey Foxx: No I got adopted when I was like 10. So yup.

Interviewer: Oh this is getting really interesting.

Zoey Foxx: Yeah.

Interviewer: So wait you’re adopted at 10 and why did you get adopted do you think?

Zoey Foxx: *laughs* Well my mom got pregnant with me when she was 14.

Interviewer: Ok

Zoey Foxx: And, um, I lived with my Grandma till I was 10.

Interviewer:  Gotcha

Zoey Foxx: Until she really wasn’t able to take care of me anymore.

Interviewer: Gotcha

Zoey Foxx: So I got sent away and got adopted.

Interviewer: You got sent away to where?

Zoey Foxx: It was actually my mom’s sister who adopted me.

Interviewer: Your mom’s sister, so your auntie?

Zoey Foxx: Yeah.

Interviewer:  Do you still talk to your auntie?

Zoey Foxx: Yeah, every now and then. She’s a nice lady, now.

7:05 Interviewer: So your parents aren’t in your life at all really?

Zoey Foxx: No.

Interviewer: Kinda not really?

Zoey Foxx: No. My birth mom just asked me for money and to take my sister. That’s about it. *laughs*

Interviewer: You have a sister?

Zoey Foxx: I have 9. *laughs*

Interviewer: Nine sisters.

Zoey Foxx: Just from my mom, then my dad has like 6 kids. So.

Interviewer: So 9 from your mom, 6 more from your dad is 15 that’s a lot of siblings.

Zoey Foxx: That is. There is only 1 that, um, me and her have the same parents. My mom had other babies with other men.

Interviewer:  Yeah.

Zoey Foxx: All the rest of the 8 of them.

Interviewer:  Yeah.

Zoey Foxx: Yeah.

Interviewer: That is kind of, um, a non-normal.

Zoey Foxx: *laughs*

Interviewer: She’s not too normal.

Zoey Foxx: No.

Interviewer: Nontraditional that’s the word I’m looking at nontraditional.

Zoey Foxx: That’s probably why I am all like *makes screaming sound*

Interviewer: So you graduated high school though?

Zoey Foxx: Yes I did.

Interviewer: And where and you graduated in at 16 like you said.

Zoey Foxx: mhmm

Interviewer: You play guitar?

Zoey Foxx: Yes.

Interviewer: How well?

Zoey Foxx: Um, I’m not like perfect at it. I used to be better but I stopped for a while.

Interviewer: Acoustic or electric?

Zoey Foxx: Acoustic.

Interviewer: You sing?

Zoey Foxx: Yes.

Interviewer: Sing for me.

Zoey Foxx: Noooooo. Oh God, ok. Um, what should I sing? Ok.

Interviewer: Sing for me your favorite song, no sing, ah sing anything I don’t care. I want to hear your voice. Just give me a little taste of those pipes.

Zoey Foxx: *clears throat* Ok. *Sings Miranda Lambert’s Gunpowder & Lead*

County road 233 under my feet

Nothin’ on this white rock but little ole me

I’ve got two miles ’til, he makes bail

And if I’m right we’re headed straight for hell

You like that?

Interviewer: I like that.

Zoey Foxx: Thanks.

Interviewer: Now can I ask you a question?

Zoey Foxx: Yeah.

Interviewer: Why are you at, why, why are you here? You need to have a guitar and live in a van and drive around to coffee houses and be the next Jewel.

Zoey Foxx: Oh, that would be awesome. I could do that.

Interviewer:  Well start right now.

Zoey Foxx: Oh, I always wanted a hippie van.

Interviewer: Get a hippie van.

Zoey Foxx: I know.

Interviewer: Live by the river.

Zoey Foxx: *laughs*

Interviewer: Play your guitar.

Zoey Foxx: And my hair is already long.

Interviewer: Look at your hair.

Zoey Foxx: So some hippieness going on.

Interviewer: You got great looks.

Zoey Foxx: Thank you.

Interviewer: So what, what are you doing here? Why porn?

Zoey Foxx: Um, maybe something I fell into and I wanted. . .

Interviewer: How did you fall into porn? You don’t fall into porn really.

Zoey Foxx: Well, I came across it on the internet.

Interviewer: Yeah.

Zoey Foxx: So I fell into it. And I was like Oh I guess I’ll try it if I don’t like it I don’t have to keep doing it.

Interviewer: Right.

Zoey Foxx: And, um, of course cash, you know. But I, I wanted to experience new things meet new people. And I have, you know, I’ve met so many new people. I’ve gotten so much more opportunities that I wouldn’t have gotten.

Interviewer: Has anyone ever held a gun to your head and made you do porn?

Zoey Foxx: No.

Interviewer: Has anyone ever trafficked you or tricked you into doing porn?

Zoey Foxx: No.

Interviewer: Have you ever, um, been forced to do anything on set? Show up for one thing and then all of a sudden you’re doing something else? And you’re forced to do it?

Zoey Foxx: No. But there was this one time were, um, I don’t do like double vag like I can’t do that and. . .

Interviewer: Double vagina.

Zoey Foxx: Yes.

Interviewer: Two wieners in your vagina at one time.

Zoey Foxx: Yeah. I don’t do that. And then. . .

10:02 Interviewer: By the way, how do you say vagina, are you a vagina girl or vajayjay or vjay, pussy

Zoey Foxx: *laughs* Chalupa

Interviewer: Is that how you, is that how you pronounce it? Is that how you refer to your vagina?

Zoey Foxx: Yes.

Interviewer: Does your vagina have a name?

Zoey Foxx: Um, no but someone named it once but I forgot what it was.

Interviewer: Do you refer to your vagina as a her?

Zoey Foxx: Yes.

Interviewer:  She. You do. As a she?

Zoey Foxx: Yes it’s a her.

Interviewer: It’s a her, it’s a she.

Zoey Foxx: Yeah.

Interviewer: What was the name your friend gave to your vagina?

Zoey Foxx: I don’t remember. I have to remember. It was princess something. *laughs* Oh.

Interviewer: So you’re on set.

Zoey Foxx: Oh, I remember it wasn’t princess something I had named someone else’s penis that, um, *laughs* It was, it was actually the other night he said, um, what was it, it was the magical vagina or something.

Interviewer: The magical vagina

Zoey Foxx: It was something like that.

Interviewer: Ok, so you’re on set and all of a sudden they’re trying to stick two wieners in your vagina is that what basically happened.

Zoey Foxx: It was, what he had done was he had stuck his wiener in there and then he stuck my like 8 inch, thick ass, dildo at the same time and I was like “Wo, wo.” And that yeah.

Interviewer: And you said stop?

Zoey Foxx: No.

Interviewer: You didn’t?

Zoey Foxx: I kind of pushed away. And he kind of got the hint.

Interviewer: And so he didn’t continue.

Zoey Foxx: No.

Interviewer: And so you weren’t forced to do anything.

Zoey Foxx: Nope. I wasn’t forced.

Interviewer: And that was it?

Zoey Foxx: It was just a little uncomfortable, I was like, I’m glad that’s not something I would like to do. I would like to keep my vagina somewhat tight for the rest of my life. *laughs*

Interviewer: I gotcha. Do you ever write an original song?

Zoey Foxx: Uh, just write a song?

Interviewer: Have you ever written an original song?

Zoey Foxx: Uh

Interviewer: Like a song that you wrote?


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Zoey Foxx: Yeah. I have, I also like to play the piano. *laughs* And the drums. But, um, I made a few songs on the piano that I’ve kind of tried to make words go along with it.

Interviewer: Right.

Zoey Foxx: I mean I’m still in the process of doing that but yeah.

Interviewer: I think you should be a musician and not be a pornstar.

Zoey Foxx: I know that would be fun. That would be fun.

Interviewer: Or be a musician and a pornstar?

Zoey Foxx: I could do both I could be like musical vagina.

Interviewer: But if you do both no one is going to take you seriously. So maybe you should just do this as a struggling.

Zoey Foxx: Struggling, there’s always a choice though.

Interviewer: You’re struggling. Yes of course there is a choice. You made that choice didn’t you?

Zoey Foxx: Yes I did.

Interviewer: Aren’t you really happy that we live in a free country where you can make a choice to do what you want to do with your own body?

Zoey Foxx: Yes.

Interviewer: Isn’t that nice?

Zoey Foxx: Yes, it’s wonderful.

Interviewer: It is. That is why we’re America.

Zoey Foxx: *sings* America. Even though I am Mexican.

Interviewer: Are you Mexican?

Zoey Foxx: Yes.

Interviewer: You have a little Latina in you or a lot?

Zoey Foxx: Um, I have a lot of Latina in me. Yeah and I. . .

Interviewer: Habla espanol?

Zoey Foxx: Si

Interviewer: Poquito o mas?

Zoey Foxx: No era mi primera lengua.

Interviewer: Woooooo

Zoey Foxx: Yeah.

Interviewer: So you can really belt it out there.

Zoey Foxx: Yeah.

Interviewer: See I know what you just said but I could answer you maybe a little bit. I don’t know.

Zoey Foxx: Yeah but I am Latina and European.

Interviewer: Right.

Zoey Foxx: Yeah. So, ah, I’m I’m a lot more than just 50% Latina. *laughs* And it’s I look like a white girl maybe but I get pretty dark. *shows shoulder* I think I get very dark.

Interviewer: You kind of look like a white girl but you kind of look latina.

Zoey Foxx: Yup.

Interviewer:  Like you’re.

Zoey Foxx: Yeah.

Interviewer:  Ah, if you do anything right now what would you do? In the world, you got your choice you could just do it.

Zoey Foxx: I would go surfing with my friends. *laughs*

Interviewer: *laughs* What about for a job?

Zoey Foxx: Oh, ok. So were talking about that. Yeah.

Interviewer: Are you a surfer?

Zoey Foxx: Yes.

Interviewer:  Do you surf well?

Zoey Foxx: Yeah.

Interviewer: Big waves

Zoey Foxx: I’m not like huge waves. I would die but I’ve, I mean, the most I have done is like surfing in Malibu, but I still love it.

Interviewer: You’ve surfed Malibu?

Zoey Foxx: Mhmm


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  1. Aaron
    2 years ago

    This was a really interesting interview to read. Zoey, you sound like a really great person to be around… I wish you the best of luck in your career(s) and in your life.